Dario Eskenazi is an Argentine pianist and film composer based in New York City.

Dario’s most recent original scores for film include the Argentine comedy “Mama Se Fue De Viaje” directed by Ariel Winograd which became the top grossing local movie of 2017 and the Argentine-Brazilian co-production "Happy Hour" directed by Eduardo Albergaria, to be released in May 2018.


Other recent work for film are the American drama “The Last New Yorker” and the Spanish dark comedy “Que Parezca Un Accidente” starring Carmen Maura and Federico Luppi

He composed additional music and orchestrated for “Un Cuento Chino” starring Ricardo Darin and for the 2009 drama “Triage”, directed by Oscar Winner director Danis Tanovic and starring Colin Farrell and Paz Vega. 

He also contributed the piano theme and additional music for “El Aura”, the Argentine psychological thriller winner of the 2006 Best Film Award at the Havana Film Festival.


Dario received an early classical musical training in his native country of Argentina. He moved to the United States in 1985 to attend Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a major in Film Scoring.

Dario has been an Assistant Professor in the Film Scoring Department at Berklee College of Music since 2011.


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